Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question of how much gutter cleaning costs. There are many factors that need to be considered when determining a gutter cleaning price. Each job is different, requiring different levels of service and time investment. In this article, we break down all that may be involved with a gutter cleaning job that may add time or otherwise impact the cost and what goes into a quote.

Each gutter cleaning job has unique challenges for your service provider. When contacting K&B Gutter Cleaning for a gutter cleaning quote, it helps a lot to offer as much specific information as possible about your situation. The type of building and roof, along with all the factors mentioned in this article can affect how long it takes to clean the gutters, which in turn affects the price. Let’s go through the different factors then.

What Differences in Gutter Cleaning Jobs Can Affect the Cost?

  1. Size of the Roof and Guttering Length

The larger the roof area, the more meterage of guttering will need to be cleaned. This is the most obvious consideration when putting together a quote. If your roof is small and the subsequent length of the gutters is not so long, the job will be easier and therefore the gutter cleaning cost per meter will be less than if your roof is very large.

If you own a multi-story building, this changes the scope of the job, especially if more than one level contains guttering. Even if the building has just one level that has guttering, this can increase the time and types of tools needed to get it done. Higher than 2 stories, such as high-rise apartments or commercial buildings might need a scissor lift and extra safety equipment.

  1. Amount of Debris to Clear

The price will also depend on how cluttered the gutters are. If they haven’t been cleaned for an extended time period, accumulating an excessive amount of dirt and decomposed debris, it’ll take longer than usual to get it done. The gutters should be cleaned at least twice to four times a year to keep your gutters getting clogged and ensure proper roof drainage.

Do You Have Gutter Guards?

If you have gutter guards installed, they’ll need to be removed so that the gutters can be cleaned properly. These coverings are usually fastened to the guttering with screws or ties, so removing them can add significant time and effort to the cleaning process. Not only do they need to be carefully removed, but they also need to be put back and properly fastened into place.

Although gutter guards are meant to stop leaves and debris from cluttering up your roof gutters, unfortunately, they still need to be removed for a proper clean. While they might stop leaves from clogging up your gutters and down-pipes, the leaves end up sitting on top of the grating and decomposing, eventually filling your gutters with compost.

Safety Concerns

High pitched roofs can make it more precarious for cleaners to get around easily as opposed to a flat roof. They may need a safety harness for this reason. Care needs to be taken on corrugated iron roofs to avoid ‘soft’ spots that workers can fall through. As mentioned earlier, multi-story buildings create the need for use of specialized safety equipment. If the condition of the roof is poor, this can also increase the need to slow down to take extra safety precautions.

If the roof is wet, this can also increase the time taken to clean the gutters as the workers will need to slow down and take care to not slip and fall.

As mentioned above, if the building is multi-story, it might be appropriate to bring in a scissor lift to make the job safer, especially with commercial office buildings.